Because of our passion for helping our youth and understanding the power of DiSC®, Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence, HR Soft Skills has  created a introductory two hour workshop geared specifically to educators.

By raising the awareness of the DISC Behavioral Styles, educators are able to make small adjustments in their teaching styles and treatment of a student that will have a dramatic impact upon the child.  What might have been a traumatic and negative experience can be easily turned into positive experience.  

This initial workshop is a foundation, but for each school to reach the ultimate goal of creating Soft Skills Culture it requires commitment at every level; Administrators, Teachers, Students and ultimately the Parents by implementing our more In-Depth DISC@SchoolTM  Culture Program:

1) In-Depth Education Workshop: Our one day instructional session for Administrators and Teachers provides a deeper understanding of DiSC® as well as techniques on how to  implement DiSC® among faculty and in the classroom.  Techniques on how to improve your lesson plans, classroom  activities, student’s role in the classroom and building on the student strengths to accelerate learning and increase collaboration.

2) Student DiSC I-Sight® Workshops: Our Student specific workshops for students age 13 or older.  They can see the results of their profile, participate in learning and group-work exercises, and learn how their unique thinking and behavioral attributes relate to the way they learn and process information.  This insight helps the student become part of the DISC culture and can quickly and easily be translated into results in the classroom and at home.

3) DISC@HomeTM  for Parent Workshops: By engaging the parents it will provide the student the understanding and support they need at  both  school and home. This will create a more favorable home environment for the child and it will help the entire family to better understand themselves and others. 


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HR Soft Skills was founded by Pete Cabrera who has more than 30 years experience in the field of Human Resources. HR Soft Skills is dedicated to improving workplace performance and satisfaction by offering training and consulting in the areas of Workplace/Teamwork, Sales, Management and Leadership. HR Soft Skills uses the latest, most innovative research validated tools available in the market combined with over 20 years of experience. Our program will provide you and your employees the knowledge, as well as the action plan, to ensure daily implementation and produce desired results.

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