juanRicardo’s DiSC® Style is DC.

His priorities are offering challenges, getting results and ensuring accuracy. You will notice that he is self-confident, high standards, active, direct, and analytical. He is motivated by having authority, analyzing problems, detecting flaws in design and overcoming obstacles to achieve efficient results.

Juan Ricardo Diaz is a Hispanic leader in the wellness and self improvement areas. More than ten years ago he co-created and developed the Vital Training technique and has utilized it with executives and professional athletes improve focus, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.  He is also internationally known Neurofeedback Trainer having pioneered techniques in the field.  As an expert in his fields, he has been repeatedly been a guest on Univision’s Despierta America and other, TV and radio shows. He has a vast experience organizing, directing and conducting different courses and workshops for personal growth.  He
produced several audio cd's for personal development and authored nine books on a variety related of topics such as relationships, communication skills, emotional intelligence and parental skills.

Ricardo is available for Vital Training and Brain Training at both the Corporate, as well as Individual Level.  In addition Ricardo is available for Keynote Speaking on Vital Training, Brain Training, Peak Performance Training, and Parenting.


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