From experience we have discovered that very often at the root of a many challenges, whether it be lack of productivity to a smooth transition to the next generation, is the lack of proper understanding of the behavioral styles of the individuals involved.  Often these unique situations require a greater level of expertise to find the solution.  Sometime just the proper simply modification will make all the difference. 

HR Soft Skills is able to provide this expert advice.  We are available for personalized consultations from one-on-one individual sessions to group consultations addressing a specific challenge or goal.  This personalized consultation facilitates the application of the knowledge acquired in our in-depth training workshops.

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About Us

HR Soft Skills was founded by Pete Cabrera who has more than 30 years experience in the field of Human Resources. HR Soft Skills is dedicated to improving workplace performance and satisfaction by offering training and consulting in the areas of Workplace/Teamwork, Sales, Management and Leadership. HR Soft Skills uses the latest, most innovative research validated tools available in the market combined with over 20 years of experience. Our program will provide you and your employees the knowledge, as well as the action plan, to ensure daily implementation and produce desired results.

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