HR Soft Skills uses the most advanced DISC assessments and profile reports available on the market today created by Inscape Publishing, a Wiley Brand.  Inscape Publishing was the first company to commercialized DISC assessments over 40 years ago and remains on the leader in the industry.  They were the first to change the traditional DISC graph and turn it into the Circumplex Model providing more accurate profile report (see below “How my Graph became a Dot”).  They are the first and only to have created an adaptive testing assessments and profile reports (see below “Everything DiSC Adaptive Testing Press Release” and “Adaptive Testing Research Report”).  This assessments actually changes modifies the questions if it detects inconsistent responses.  If responses remain varied the Profile Report will show which behaviors are adaptive. 

How My Graph became a Dot

Everything DiSC Adaptive Testing Press Release

Everything DiSC Adaptive Testing Research Report


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HR Soft Skills was founded by Pete Cabrera who has more than 30 years experience in the field of Human Resources. HR Soft Skills is dedicated to improving workplace performance and satisfaction by offering training and consulting in the areas of Workplace/Teamwork, Sales, Management and Leadership. HR Soft Skills uses the latest, most innovative research validated tools available in the market combined with over 20 years of experience. Our program will provide you and your employees the knowledge, as well as the action plan, to ensure daily implementation and produce desired results.

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